In this highly anticipated exhibition, Jane Waterous, Charles Patrick, and Gian Garofalo come together to present bodies of work that are united by their strikingly fun and mesmerizing nature. Carefully cut butterflies mounted on entomology pins, delicately shadowed acrylic forms, and resin drips suspended in time – prove that beauty and wonder are oftentimes hidden where least expected. With their spirited artworks, this magnificent trio of artists use their incredible work to make life a bit sweeter.


This exhibition will be on display through November 17th 2021.




JANE WATEROUS - Canadian-born artist, Jane Waterous takes inspiration from the world around her - activity of a New York street to the peaceful, harmonious calm of a Bahamian beach. Jane is best known for her series: The Gatherings Series. A reflection of human connection, The Gatherings paintings represent an embodiment of three decades of work. The sculpture-like, three-dimensional figures appear to dance in a synergistic halo of light, depth, color, and action, literally, and figuratively jumping off the canvas. While each work conveys a unique emotional experience, they all share a feeling of joy and wonderment. Waterous won the coveted Art Expo NYC Solo Artist Award in 2012, and is prominently displayed in private and public collections including those of Fortune 500 Corporations, Royal families, and high profile celebrities.


CHARLES PATRICK - With a background in vintage poster restoration, illustration, and printmaking, Charles Patrick combines his love of paper, art history, and design to create works that are both strikingly beautiful and poignantly thought-provoking. Living in a world between the paper and digital ages, these works conjure feelings of nostalgia for the tactility of paper, created from vintage comic books, children’s books, currency, maps, and other obsolete ephemera.  This stands in jarring contrast to the clean, pixelated designs that the butterflies form which exchange individual emotion for the universal immediacy of today’s contemporary visual language. Charles Patrick’s works are included in numerous private and corporate collections worldwide.


GIAN GAROFALO - Chicago based artist, Gian Garofalo, explores color, shape and texture through nontraditional materials. Meticulously applied medium brings to life vibrant stripes, intricate grids, shapes, and repeated patterns. Intriguingly suspended paint droplets sometimes gravitate to the base, ultimately punctuating the work. Gian enjoys immersing himself in the challenge of understanding a process and strives for the sense of accomplishment associated with the mastering of a new technique. Garofalo has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions around the world. His work is part of private and public collections around the world, including the Meeschaert Collection in NYC.