Laura Rathe Fine Art presents CRUSH, an intriguing exhibition featuring Matt Devine, Udo Nöger, and Ian Rayer-Smith


River Oaks District Gallery, Laura Rathe Fine Art, is proud to announce Crush, an exciting three-man exhibition featuring new works from Matt Devine, Udo Nöger and the debut of UK-based artist Ian Rayer-Smith. The opening reception will be held Saturday, August 27th from 5-8pm at our River Oaks District gallery (4444 Westheimer). 


Crush explores tenacity through the lens of three artists from around the world at varying stages of their artistic careers. While each artist comes from a different perspective, they all share the commonality of the drive for inspiration and motivation for fresh creativity to "crush" their practice. Bridging generational gaps, the works on display range from non-representational sculptures by Matt Devine to large-scale abstract paintings from esteemed gallery artists Udo Nöger and Ian Rayer-Smith. 


Though each artist’s style varies in approach and design, there is an intensity to the collection that creates a dialogue not only between themselves and the work, but also with the viewer. Each artist presents uniquely inventive techniques of employing physicality in their oeuvre - transcending dimensionality using metal, working in layers of paper and fabric to capture luminescence, and rendering dynamism and movement in 2-D through visceral self-expression. 


Crush will be on display through September 26th, 2022.