With a continued emphasis on contemporary mixed media art, Laura Rathe Fine Art initiated LR Projects in 2022 to champion pioneers of creative expression beyond traditional media. From transforming light and color to redefining dimensionality, our LR Projects select artists have paved new ways in the art world for leading-edge innovation in today's mixed media techniques. LR Projects will highlight featured artists through various exhibitions, special events, art fairs, interviews and more. 


This fall, LR Projects will be featuring Michael Laube - for an exclusive look into his newest work, visit our booth at Art Miami from Nov 29 - Dec 4. 


Michael Laube


b. Coburg, 1955

Notable German painter & installation artist, Michael Laube, works with transparent acrylic glass in three dimensions to produce a spatial color effect similar to the artistic styles of Barnett Newman and Mark Rothko. His body of work transgresses the boundaries of traditional painting in his unique way, opening them up to different dimensions of space and time. Although the color in his acrylic glass objects and installations remains captured on the surface, it still seems dematerialized, disembodied, and never concretely localized. It becomes part of the surrounding space, woven into a dynamic, variable system of forces formed from light. 


The refractions, reflections, and highlights of the painted acrylic glass sheets, often arranged in layers, transform as one walks past it, ruling out any absolute perception of Laube’s works. They challenge the viewer to change perspective and do not conform to the definition of pure objectivity.