Tim Nikiforuk

Tim Nikiforuk

My current series of work entitled Systems of Passage explores my deep
fascination with southern California’s highways, flyways, overpasses and
roads. The influence of these structures and how they create a complex
network of passageways across the state has lead me to focus on
intertwining compositions of overlapping lines and gestures.
Using specially developed spreaders, I move dense gel across a smooth
panel. I focus on moving the viewers eye through the composition as if they
were a vehicle looking for just the right off ramp to home. Gestural twists and
turns take my audience through a web of thick and thin lines. A sense of
kinetic energy brings the paintings surface to life in an almost topographical

It is my hope that this series of work may act as a jumping off point for the
viewer. I seek to provide a visual journey that challenges my audience to
determine the meaning and significance of the work based on their own
thoughts, values and experiences.

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