Jorgen Missotten

Jorgen Missotten

“He challenges in his unique way the tension between the functional design object and non-functional art. Because of his love and attention for matter, he creates synergies between distinct types of objects that meet each other in a contemporary sculptural language of shapes.” S. Vanderstichelen


Jørgen’s simple approach to marble as a stone sculptor translated into works on canvas. He uses a simple direct technique by applying acrylics with a single stroke without using a brush on the canvas. With a continuous movement, he leaves traces of thin layers of paint which creates a remarkable 3D effect.


Jørgen has worked as a sculptor and painter for over 20 years and has experience in many disciplines. His background as a graphic designer influenced his work, which is highlighted by his use of clearly defined and stylized shapes.


Jorgen is based in Antwerp, Belgium, and in Carrara, Italy.



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